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Walk-In: Kingston Library Rm LL19
Phone: (401)874-HELP
General URI Help: 401-874-1000

Problems with wireless?

If you are experiencing problems with wireless connectivity on any of the University of Rhode Island campuses please email


The University of Rhode Island will never ask for your account passwords. If you have received a message asking for your username and password please forward that message to

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The University of Rhode Island Computer and Networking HelpDesk is the one-stop center for all tech-related issues at the university.  We provide support for any issue related to eCampus, Sakai, E-mail, Internet connections, wireless, smartphones and tablets, laptops, desktops, and more.

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Top Issues!

• Usernames and Passwords – call 874-HELP

• Wireless set-up

• Sakai Access

• Email set-up

• Stay Informed

• Check to see the status of Google Apps

Scanner/Printer mail errors

If you are receiving errors on your networked scanners or printers that send e-mails, please note that the outgoing mail server in the printer settings must be changed to  Also, the printer needs to be added to a list of allowed devices.  If you are using the correct smtpserver, and you are still having trouble, please call 874-HELP.

Phishing Attempt Advisory!

In recent days, we’ve learned of a new phishing attack that attempts to draw the attention of recipients with the subject line: “URI Help Desk Center”.

If you receive a message fitting this description, do not click on the link to validate your account, close the message immediately and report it as spam. Using the Google Mail Web Interface within the message, click on the down arrow to the right of the ‘reply’ button and select ‘Report phishing’. The message will be sent to the Google Gmail Team immediately for analysis and filtering.”

Our email traffic is filtered by the Google Message Security service, which provides you with protection against dangerous viruses and spam. However, some spam may occasionally get through to your inbox, so please use caution.

Phishing was a term originally used to describe email attacks that were designed to steal your online banking username and password. However, the term has evolved and now refers to almost any email-based attack. Phishing uses social engineering, a technique where cyber attackers attempt to fool you into taking an action. These attacks begin with a cyber criminal sending you an email pretending to be from someone or something you know or trust, such as a friend, your bank or your favorite online store. Their goal is to trick you into taking an action, such as clicking on a malicious link, opening an infected attachment or responding to a scam. Cyber criminals craft these emails to look convincing, sending them out to literally millions of people around the world. These attackers do not have a specific target in mind, nor do they know exactly who will fall victim. They simply know the more emails they send out, the more people they may be able to fool.

As a reminder, Free Security Awareness Training is available for all faculty and staff. This Security Awareness Training will not only help us better identify these types of Phishing Emails but also will provide us with information on how to protect our families from Cyber Security threats. To request a free account please contact Michael Khalfayan.

The following link will show you phishing messages we have received:

e-Campus Password Hint Change!

In the near future you will be receiving an email that says the following:

Our e-Campus system has detected that your password hint needs to be reset.  Knowing your password hint allows you to reset your e-campus password without contacting the Help Desk.  Please logon to e-Campus Student/ Faculty-Staff and use the following navigation to reset your password hint:  Main Menu > Change Password Hint  This is not SPAM.  If you have any questions please call the URI Help Desk at 874-help.  Thank you.

Please follow the instructions and update your password hint.

Spear Phishing Warning!

If you receive an email that looks like the following please delete it immediately and don’t click on any of the links:

From: Unversiity Of Rhode Budget and Financial Planning. 

Date: Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 1:40 AM

Subject: Important Info; Faculty/Staff


Dear Staff,

This is to notify you of our latest Financial Behaviors Before and After the Financial Crisis: Evidence from an Online Survey 

Download the attachment, login  and view the last senate resolve on staff salary cut down.

Thank you and kind regards.


The Budget & Financial Planning Office at the University of Rhode …STAFF. Linda Barrett, Director; Cheryl Hinkson, Assoc.  Tel: 401 874-5992 University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881, USA 1.401.874.1000

Turning Point and MacOS Sierra Warning!

Via Turning Technologies:

Dear Valued Client,

With the upcoming release of Mac OS Sierra, we want to make you aware that some third-party software applications for Mac may experience short-term issues until future updates can be released. Along these lines, our development teams are preparing an update to TurningPoint Cloud Mac that will work seamlessly with the latest version of Apple’s OS. However, our future release of TurningPoint Cloud Mac is dependent upon the release of Sierra and cannot be finalized until the new OS is available.

We anticipate the TurningPoint Cloud Mac update will be available within 60 days of the OS release. In the meantime, to ensure proper TurningPoint Cloud functionality, we strongly recommend that Mac users wait to update their OS until our update to TurningPoint Cloud Mac is available.

Please contact Turning Technologies’ support team for any additional information at 866-746-3015.


Turning Technologies

Refreshing Your Browser Cache!

Now and again, you may encounter a problem in your browser where a page won’t load properly, or a password you think you know isn’t working, etc.  Often times, refreshing the browser cache does the trick to fix normal everyday issues.  This page explains step by step how to do it!

Google Tips and Tricks!

The Google Gooru tweets some of the best ideas and how-to videos for Google Apps.

Everything else!

For a full list of our services, please click here.

Check to see if a server is down!

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